The hero-disciple dilemma

Why do we make some people into heroes whose act could never possibly be followed up, and if it was we would just consider it a shadow of the original?

I think of Mother Teresa. There are boatloads of people in Calcutta doing the same thing she did. She seems to have successfully made disciples. So what I dont get, is why we only remember he name?

To be honest I dont know much of what goes in Calcutta in the ministry she was doing, but I wonder about the branches. Did she branch out and open other houses all over Calcutta? If she did, was she actually successful at raising up another person who had the same unique love, care, patience, and relationship withthe Lord?

Or why does Hybels have a mega church? Why does anyone have a mega church? Even if they're the most dynamic speaker in history, why aren't they raising up others to be like them, to learn from them and then be better? I understand the arguemnt that the people in America don't really want community, and so they go to these mega churches where they can get lost in the crowd.

Is that what our churches are supposed to look like? Why aren't they raising up disciples? And if they are, why are they still famous?
And why wont we let them be something other than a hero before they fall into massive overwhelming sin? We wont let them get back to a normal life, and its our fault.
I want us to consider who we choose to be our heroes. Martin Luther is one of mine, and I love that his wife brewed him beer. He seemed to have it together, but he also sure seemed to have a breakdown regarding the Jews later in life (a lesser known fact)...

If we learn to make disciples instead of heroes, the church will probably have a lot easier time remembering THE hero in Jesus.