Broken hearted over a friend I barely know

I think I've mentioned before about a guy near my home is isn't quite all there mentally. It's really quite hard for me to process. I see the guy and my heart just goes out to him but I don't know what to do. Finally I began to stop and to talk to him. Try to hold his hands and say a prayer for him for healing or for the Lord to reveal Himself to him. The hard thing I deal with is that as much as I want to see this guy healed, I MUCH more want to know that he'll have a chance, a hope for eternal life. How can he know if he cant understand?

So today I went back to visit. It was a rough day, but the Lord seemed to want to use it for good, and we were able to prayer for him. To love on him for a bit, and then even to go back and meet his family. Pray for them and love on them.

I try to explain that there is a God. That we believe in Him. That he is powerful. Magnificent and capable. That he desires to see those He loves be healed. I try to explain that the Lord created us to be perfect, but our imperfections are out own doing. That the Lord desires for us to be a part of redeeming these things. We prayed for him briefly and then shared with them how to pray. I asked if they would be willing to talk with the Lord every day about this young man. To pray for healing.

They said they would.
God showed up in a real way and it sure is fun when he does...