I won my first game today of Xiang Qi (or chinese chess). It about my
20th game in three or four weeks and the very first one I have won. I
find joy in winning.

It's truly an amazing game, chess.
I sit down and before I've made even a single move, I fear. I feel
locked up. "There is no way I'm going to mobilize my pieces better
than my opponent," I think. But it is a beautiful game of taking it
one move at a time.

Really the trick is to look just enough moves ahead that you don't do
anything stupid, and then once and while something really uniquely
good will present itself and if you jump on it.... eventually you'll
get enough of those to win.

I know... ridiculous, I have a whole impenetrable philosophy on how
to win at a game I've only won once.

I hope I don't find too deep of a parallel with life from this