Why am I troubled?

"And he said to them, "Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise
in your hearts?" -Luke 24:38

I wish I could compartmentalize. I'm not like other men in this regard
and its a skill I truly desire. For me when something small is wrong,
it ruins everything. I just get downright down. Fearful. Troubled. You
could definitely say that doubts arise in my heart. Tonight before I
go to bed I'm reading Spurgeon's morning and evening... well really
just the evening and this verse is striking me as all to

I know I am precious in the Lord's sight. So why do I fear a small
infection will lead to amputation of certain limbs? Why have I so
little faith and so much time to dwell on it? Lord I know you will not
leave me or forsake me. But I forget you're even in the picture. I
know I prayed that I would really learn to trust in you with my health
before I was healed... but now I just want healing! Have mercy on me.
Faithless and without reason. Not just good reason, but absolutely no

I literally cannot find a day in my life where you have not be
overwhelmingly faithful to me in some way or another... Save me Lord.
Mercy. I need mercy.

Are you troubled?