"Men who do their best always do more though they be haunted by the sense of failure. Be good and true; be patient; be undaunted. Leave your usefulness for God to estimate. He will see to it that you do not live in vain." - Morrison's selected sermons.

This a perfect response to the things I've mentioned lately. And pleasantly presented after a long sermon on joyfulness looking at Paul singing in prison. I find myself stopping and talking to a young man who suffered from childhood polio. He's kind and speaks clearly.

Ever morning he pushes himself from his home out to the bus stop. From there the bus driver actually gets off the bus and carries him onto the bus. Often requesting help from someone else nearby.

Completely at the mercy of others, and as far as I know a stranger to God. And yet this guy smiles. Everyday he begs, he smiles. He isn't forceful in the same manner as many of the others, he simply holds out his can. Smiling.

And when I stop and talk, I feel useful. A pleasant break from my nagging conscience telling me to do more. And I hope a little friendship makes a difference.
God don't let us live in vain.