Quality entries, and sandwiches

Alright, I'll be the first to admit that I haven't really submitted
what you might call a "quality" blog entry in some time. Part of this
is due to my own initiative to write at least something everyday. The
other part is due to the fact that I know next to no-one is reading
this blog at this point. My priorities have become centered around
writing. I want to write what I enjoy to write. I want to write things
that are actually interesting and I'm not sure how long I can write
about any one topic and have it remain interesting to the general

Thus.... Henceforth I shall be writing ridiculous versions of actual
stories that have happened to me or of which I have witnessed third

e.g. About 10 minutes ago (now this should be assumed that this may
not be an actual 10 minutes but rather a figurative form of the same
idea - such as a Biblical creation day or something) I devoured (and
by devour I mean cartoon woodchuck style where there are wood shavings
going everywhere) a delicious (and by delicious I mean blackened
mahi-mahi with a side of a strawberry margarita delicious) sub (and by
this I mean sandwich) from a restaurant which is actually titled "The
Mutts Nutts."

Now that was my sort of writing.

And for the record, I do most of my blogging from a PDA, and I have
very little patience for grammar and tend to leave out words. If you
cant appreciate what I write for the beauty of the words and not the
perfection of the grammar then this is probably the wrong blog for you
to be reading. I say that with the utmost certainty that this will
anger at least 50% of my readers, and also the confidence with which
to say, that 50% is probably only 1 of ya'll... so thanks to the rest
of you for sticking around.


Emmm... a burp is like second sandwich.