Healing, Salvation, Prayer

"And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord
will raise him up." - James 5:15
Why doesn't this say, "and the Lord will heal him?" I've been dealing
the last three months or so with some pretty annoying health issues.
None of them major by any stretch of the imagination, but all of them
annoying and actually sort of frightening. Scary because I don't know
what they were, so it was hard to know that they weren't major.

But I found when I prayed, that the Lord would lift me up. And when I
pray for healing for a guy I see that isn't quite all there, I seem to
hear salvation first. Can someone believe who does not understand? I
want this guy to know the Lord so very badly, but how can I share with
him if he doesn't understand the words out of my mouth.

Lord you love this man. Help me to pray the prayer of faith, that this
man will be saved. That you will lift him up. Thank you for being more
patient and loving than me. Thank you for loving him as he is. Help me
to do the same.