18 cups of tea

I have a problem. I'm horribly addicted to tea. All kinds of tea. I drink tieguanyin (a type of oolong), puer (hs an earthy wood taste), kouding (my current favorite - bitter as can be), and often the plain local flavor of huamaofeng (a green tea with flowers added).

I also suffer from mild chronic gastritis (I think thats what the doctor called it). Which basically just means that whenever I eat something which actually tastes good I get all dizzy, light headed, and gassy. Apparently gastritis is inflamed by excessive caffeine.

This is a problem for me. Yesterday i spent all morning drinking tea. I had a Pepsi with lunch (which is admittedly unusual for me) and then drank tea by the litre for the whole of the afternoon. Then my face and fingers started to tingle, as well as my belly which is just flat out freaky.

Its harder to trust the Lord in a place with a healthcare system I dont trust. And why? Fear sneaks in really quick when I feel like I'm going to pass out and dont really know why.

I just want tea. Lots and lots of tea. And I dont want to pass out or anything. Sad how much comfort I seek in my health.