Slop bucket

Are we really to believe that we can honor our Creator as much by our menial tasks done in praise as we can with those things we more naturally see as holy?
Ask yourself. Do you genuinely believe cleaning up horses dung from the streets honors the Father as much as the work of a Pastor?
I'm not sure I do.
I'm being told that I should. But I find it difficult to wrap my head around anything that is of this world being as important as a soul which will pass through to the next. Does the Father wish for us to treat the things of this world as just as important? Or are the things that are menial reserved only for those who've been called to menial jobs?
I genuinely want to believe that any job and all work brings glory to Him. But I've been so steeped in a divided sacred and secular split worldview that I find difficult to believe anyone is really honoring the Lord in their work unless they're doing ministry in their workplace. Or living differenly or something.
Sure we are called to live differently, but those who accept that the Lord has called them to the workplace, how well do they succeed at doing what they do unto the Lord?
Have I been called to full time service because I am to immature to honor the Father in any other line of work?
Am I mature enough to believe a bridge well built is as glorifying to the Lord as turning a sinner turning forever to serve their Creator?
No. Not yet.
I'd like to figure it out though. Maybe there is a part I'm missing.