The kid has polio... he says he's had it since he was one. I don't
really know how to process it. I want to bless the guy. I want to
pray for him. I want to believe that something will happen when I do.
If I do.
Lord, I believe, take away my unbelief.
The lesson in church today was about that story... I believe! Take
away my unbelief, and he even gave an example of a lady he knew who
was healed miraculously of polio. I recently started reading a book
that has challenged me to think about the realities of praying for
healing for this guy. Even if it means praying everyday for years,
will I do it? Do I believe God will heal him? Wants to?
Is my pride so big that I wouldn't be able to rejoice in the Lord,
but instead I would rejoice in my ability or my faith?
And would God let that keep Him from healing this guy?
He slides around on a wooden board with metal wheels. He begs. They
don't get wheelchairs here.
God this HAS to break your heart like it breaks mine.
Will you bring this healing to this man?
Do you even want to?
Why wouldn't you?
And how do I process this?