Are for the most part crippled

Which sets us apart from the ones that arent crippled right? Or so it would seem.

And while I dont really see how it relates to global warming... I still feel obliged to mention it... At least subtly and in passing.

Upset is how I would feel if Colorado beat me too. But thats no reason to get down over it... It is, after all, my alma mater.


Thy aint good for a whole lot
But then
At least your friends dont smell.

Dumpling breath

There isn't much in this world that can make my wife scream with horror quite like jiaozi 饺子(dumpling) breath can.

All i want is a kiss... Is that too much to ask?


Remember that time when that leader guy with the funny name from Iran came to new york and spoke at colombia?
What was that about anyway?

My tutor says he is an athiest but respects others religious beliefs.
He also says there is no way to understand a religion of hate and revenge. If you are higher in heaven based on how many infidels you've killed then most of us are in pretty bad shape.

Remember how we say it might even be a position of honor if you're killed for certain reasons?

For the sake of a mannerism

And my teacher just turned to me and said
In his best english
He looks like a gay.

How are you supposed to recover from that?

Pick a vice. Any vice.

I feel like one or two vices are really necessary to be somewhat down to earth. That is, capable of relating to the real world.

I dont mean vice as in sin. I mean vice as in something which makes the Christian culture uncomfortable because it stretches their comfort zones.

Such as drinking an occasional beer (Luther was particularly fond of his wifes own brew...) or a cigar with friends.

If a man should lack even one vice, is he following the Lord with discipline or has he removed himself from the real world?
I'll not soon forget Abraham Kuyper's assessment that the reformed faith is really a faith that encourages the arts, but dancing is just flat out sinful.

I want to be released from my significance

And genuinely believe God can do this without me but delights in using
me to do it....

Why must i so vainly believe in my own worth?
I literally am worthless apart from Him.
And what He did. I just cant get it into my head.

Early in the the morning

My heart will rise to thee....

What is it about the morning. Specifically the early morning that the Father really shows up. I sometimes if its just the sacrifice we make to get out of bed...
Or perhaps He likes the symbolism that the night will soon be over. The day will come.
I wish it weren't so dang refreshing sometimes.... It sure would make it easier to sleep in....

Slop bucket

Are we really to believe that we can honor our Creator as much by our menial tasks done in praise as we can with those things we more naturally see as holy?
Ask yourself. Do you genuinely believe cleaning up horses dung from the streets honors the Father as much as the work of a Pastor?
I'm not sure I do.
I'm being told that I should. But I find it difficult to wrap my head around anything that is of this world being as important as a soul which will pass through to the next. Does the Father wish for us to treat the things of this world as just as important? Or are the things that are menial reserved only for those who've been called to menial jobs?
I genuinely want to believe that any job and all work brings glory to Him. But I've been so steeped in a divided sacred and secular split worldview that I find difficult to believe anyone is really honoring the Lord in their work unless they're doing ministry in their workplace. Or living differenly or something.
Sure we are called to live differently, but those who accept that the Lord has called them to the workplace, how well do they succeed at doing what they do unto the Lord?
Have I been called to full time service because I am to immature to honor the Father in any other line of work?
Am I mature enough to believe a bridge well built is as glorifying to the Lord as turning a sinner turning forever to serve their Creator?
No. Not yet.
I'd like to figure it out though. Maybe there is a part I'm missing.


The kid has polio... he says he's had it since he was one. I don't
really know how to process it. I want to bless the guy. I want to
pray for him. I want to believe that something will happen when I do.
If I do.
Lord, I believe, take away my unbelief.
The lesson in church today was about that story... I believe! Take
away my unbelief, and he even gave an example of a lady he knew who
was healed miraculously of polio. I recently started reading a book
that has challenged me to think about the realities of praying for
healing for this guy. Even if it means praying everyday for years,
will I do it? Do I believe God will heal him? Wants to?
Is my pride so big that I wouldn't be able to rejoice in the Lord,
but instead I would rejoice in my ability or my faith?
And would God let that keep Him from healing this guy?
He slides around on a wooden board with metal wheels. He begs. They
don't get wheelchairs here.
God this HAS to break your heart like it breaks mine.
Will you bring this healing to this man?
Do you even want to?
Why wouldn't you?
And how do I process this?


chicken broth

a veritable dynasty mishap
and purple bamboo

in a garden, not a park
keep that one straight
its a completely different tone

Pizza and my old age

Last night we all went out for a big dinner as it was a good friends birthday. This place was a little nicer than where we normally go.
Anyhow, everyone is eating like shrimp and steak. I ordered the Hawaiian pizza.
What am I like 10?