Everyone of us will die someday and yet we always respond to it as unnatural. Is it in any way more natural for a 90 year old to die from old age than it is for a 12 year old to die from an accident?

Our argument is that the 12 year old hasn't had a chance to really live his life. The 90 year old had probably come to grips with it.

For some reason when a 90 year old dies, I dont worry as much about weather they knew the Lord. I'm a grips with the fact that people die without hearing about Him. I dont like it. But for some reason I can process it.

But yesterday a 12 year old boy fell to his death right outside a restaurant I was in. I cant begin to process that. 'Why God?' I ask.

But why does anyone have to die without the Lord. If this life is less than a moment in eternity then what does it matter if you live 3 or 105 years? Especially if you're going to the same place anyways.

I just want everyone to have heard. Why wont they listen? Why dont they want to hear? Why was there grace for me know? And not for them?