Athiesm and questions

Riddle me this. I genuinely wonder why atheists spend as much time as they do arguing for atheism. What is at steak? If you genuinely believe there to be no God then what is it to you if someone misguidedly follows him anyhow?

Maybe in an evangelical light you just want to awake people to what you believe to be true. In the same way Christians do.

I guess the reason for my confusion is that as believers in Christ, we genuinely believe someone's soul is at steak for all of eternity.

Should there be no God worthy of praise, necessary for salvation, all powerful, and wonderful to serve.... Then why proselytize?

If all we're missing out on is some booze or some pleasure or something, then why care that we're missing out? Why do atheist's identities get wrapped up in a negative belief system. Why not define themselves for what they are rather than what they are not (that being anything other than atheist)? And why are atheist chat rooms so full of atheists talking about a lack of a God? Do they want someone to come and prove them wrong? If you have it right that there is no God, then why spend your life arguing it? Shouldn't there be more time spent on hedonism?

While I honestly believe in a God, I also am genuinely glad that there is more than this world has to offer. As I have tasted and seen the Lord to be good I become further and further distanced from a desire to run from the creator. He knows how to live life to he fullest.... Why fight Him? Seriously... I'm downright befuddled.