We're caked in spiritual filth

Pastor Chad wrote today about hospitality. He talks about Jesus cleaning the disciples feet and explains how dirty of a job this really was. He goes on to say that we need to put aside our weirdness and fears over such things and be willing to love people.

But it is so hard to wrap your hands around a dirty dirty man. There is a guy I see regularly whose job is to dig through trash with his hands and sort out what can be recycled (he is paid by the neighborhood to do so) but he makes so little money that he hardly ever showers and never washes his hands.

I shake his hand everytime, but its hard and I immediately go home and wash my hands.

There is another man I know who isn't fully there mentally and when I lay my hand on him to pray for him he will reach out and touch me. He never cleans himself and will often drool on me. It's hard, but sometimes we have to be willing to wash people's feet. Even if they're caked in filth.

Its hard to remember that we're spiritually caked in filth. Our best is still going to be disgusting to the Lord, but he loves us nonetheless and is even willing to wipe us clean.