My dog is dead.

There is this line in the man who knew too little, where Bill Murray
is asking how actors cry, "Do you say to yourself 'My dog is dead' and
then poke yourself in the eye?" he then proceeds to do so.

Well last week my dog died. Its the first dog I've ever had, he was a
cute little guy. A Shar Pei named Bear. He only lived 9 days. They say
this is common for foreigners in Asia, they all kill their first dog
because they aren't tuned into all the diseases that are common here,
so they don't take proper caution with their first dog. Bummer.

I cant believe how attached to a little puppy you can become in just 9
days. I miss him.

I cant help but look to the Lord and wonder what the plan was with
Bear. Was he always only supposed to live that long? Could I have done
something better? You knew he would die right? But then I imagine how
many of us lose the people they love. I cant fathom.

And God wants to redeem this. Man we're fallen.

Would you get another dog? Can you really replace this spot in your
heart? I cant imagine.

Kuyper on Transformation

In Lectures on Calvinism, Abraham Kuyper writes, 

"For our relation to the world; the recognition that in the whole world the curse is restrained by grace, that the life of the world is to be honored in its independence, and that we must, in every domain, discover the treasures and develop the potencies hidden by God in nature and in human life"(31).

Kuyper is making the argument that culture and all things are to be transformed. By developing the potencies hidden by God we will see the world become what it was meant to be. Men will turn to the Lord -- yes! souls will be saved -- and by their salvation cultures will change. This is the vehicle for change of the world, transforming it into what the Lord intended. Our job as believers is to look at the fallen state of the world and man, to then see what God created it to be and to be a part of the redemption process. To change the world back to a state of man's dominion and therefore God's glorification.

Can my life be redeemed?

I start this to discuss something I teach. That all of life can be
redeemed through Christ. I'd like to see it happen. So much of my
life has been redeemed, the Lord has turned me into something more
than solid waste. I'd like to see where it can go.
Recently I've felt led to re-evaluate my life online. Can the
internet, something I use exclusively to feed my information
addiction, be used to edify me?

Can I be a part of its redemption?
Maybe I can help to edify others.
This must first of course start with my willingness to write
I'll work on that.